Hearing aid maintenance and repair

Age and use will eventually wear out all hearing aids

While there is always the opportunity to replace a damaged hearing aid, you might want to repair it first. You may be able to fix your hearing aid yourself, based on the problem you have. Here are some can be hearing aid remedies that you can try for yourself:

  1. Change the battery
  2. Take your hearing aid off and then reinsert it
  3. Wipe your hearing aid and clean the wax from it
  4. Change the wax filter
  5. Open the battery door and then close it again

Have you tried all the fixes above and still have no luck? Call us to have us look at your hearing aid in-store.   We know how tough is it to try and get by without a working hearing aid.    We're excited to assess your hearing aid and see what can be done.

The cost of hearing aid repair may vary based on a few variables:

  • Whether the hearing aid is still under guarantee or not
  • The degree to which hearing aid is damaged
  • How much replacement parts are likely to cost

If you got your hearing aid from A Better Hearing Center and it still has a warranty, there’s a good chance your repair will be low-cost or even free. If they are from another provider and/or are out of warranty, they will cost more. If you can't seem to fix them yourself, take them in for us to take a look! We can repair most hearing aid makes and models.