Can Hearing Aids Be Stylish

Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

When many think about hearing aids, their mind immediately goes to the hearing aids their grandparents may have worn. The hearing aids of the past were large, and not only an eye soar, but seemed to give many, more problems than they might have had in the first place. Constant feedback and tan plastic protruding from around the ear gave hearing aids an impression of old age and technical difficulties. 

However, as with all technology, hearing aids continue to be more user-friendly and come in many sleek designs, which offer a chance to enjoy the benefits of hearing loss without having to experience a fashion faux pas. If you consider hearing aids to not be for you, simply for the image you feel they may project, it is time to reconsider what hearing aids can offer.

Are you in denial about your hearing loss?

While hearing loss is commonly considered an issue that solely affects the elderly, this is rapidly becoming less true. While age-related hearing loss is still one of the most common causes of hearing loss affecting half of all people over 75, hearing loss is now affecting more and more people of all ages. The World Health Organization reports that” 50 percent of millennials risk hearing loss because of damaging volumes via personal audio devices; 40 percent do so via noisy entertainment venues such as concerts.” These days it is estimated that 1 in 7 people in the US between 20 to 69 have some degree of hearing loss, which makes it difficult to communicate.  

However, because of the stigma of hearing loss being an issue only for the elderly many people ignore or put off dealing with a hearing loss even as it is affecting their personal and professional life. However, of adults aged 20 to 69 who could benefit from wearing hearing aids, only 16% have ever used them. Often it takes people 7 to 10 years to treat their condition. This allows some of the most dangerous side effects of hearing loss to take hold, including chronic depression, anxiety, self-isolation, cognitive decline, and a decrease in earnings and success in their professional life.

Today’s hearing aids are for everyone

The idea that hearing aids are only for the elderly is helping no one. The sooner you diagnose your hearing loss the sooner you can begin to prevent the chronic communication and safety issues that accompany poor hearing. Part of the issue is that people have to change their attitude around hearing issues. Using hearing aids can prevent depression, social issues, cognitive decline and improve performance at work, while making you more aware and safer in your environment. 

Modern hearing aids

Not only are today’s hearing aids incredibly helpful and improve quality of life, but they are sleek, modern and incredibly user-friendly. This sophisticated technology continues to become more compact and more precise. Using modern artificial intelligence technology, many hearing aids can detect your listening environment based on your location and change listening programs automatically, so you don’t have to do it yourself. This means that if you are in a crowded room the hearing aids will automatically change to a setting that allows you to focus on the person speaking in front of you and cancel out competing noises. You can also now use your Smartphone to control settings on your hearing aids, making them easier to access. This also allows a hearing healthcare professional to make adjustments remotely, saving on unnecessary trips to a hearing specialist

Stylish Hearing Aids

Not only are hearing aids more precise and effective than hearing aids of the past but they definitely are much more stylish. These days no one should be ashamed of dealing with their hearing loss but if you don’t want your hearing aids to be easily detected many hearing aid styles are slim and discrete. Funny enough, you may come to love your hearing aids so much that you may want to display them proudly. They come in many colors and styles so you can send the world a message that you are proud to deal with your hearing loss.

Treating Hearing Loss

If you suspect that hearing loss is becoming a major issue for you, don’t be afraid to deal with it today! Make an appointment to have your hearing tested and find out what hearing aids can do for you to boost your hearing and style!